UIC Lunch-time Research Sharing Cum DHSS Research Seminar Series
1Discussion on how to better organize the research sharing sessions, in terms of format, content and logistics, etc. The goal is to encourage and cultivate a more vibrant and open research atmosphere in our collegeStaff registered7 May 202112:00-13:00T2-301
Title: Graduate Attributes, evaluations, actions and revisions.
Prof. Johnston Wong, Dr. Ghee Ho
23 April 202112:00-13:00T2-301
3Freedom, Restriction and Forgetting: The Chinese Girl Child in Anglophone Children’s Literature (1901-1907)

Dr. Jessica Medhurst (Beijing Normal University, Beijing)

2 April 202112:00-13:00T2-301
4Editor’s insights on publishing in the UIC-funded international scholarly journal Innovative Teaching and Learning, and personal tips and tricks of college teaching at UICDr. Yi-Lung Kuo19 March 2021 12:00-13:00T2-301
5A wide range of research topics, including psychology, English literature, Chinese popular print culture, advertising, creative industries, etc.Dr. Jackie Yeoh, Dr. Juyoung Lee, Dr Seongyong Lee, Mr. Jonas Kelsch, Dr. Yi-Lung Kuo5 March 202112:00-13:00T4, SSAC