Assistant Professor, Acting Programme Director
Programme of Applied Translation Studies

Office: T2-501-R10
Tel: (756) 3620861
Email: hongqian@uic.edu.cn

                                              ATS Dr. Hong Qian 
Academic & Professional Qualifications
  • Ph.D. Linguistics (specialized in Translation Studies) (University of Macau, Macao)

  • Graduate-level program conducted entirely in English (Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University, Center for Chinese and American Studies, Nanjing, China, P.R.C)

  • M.A. English (An Hui University, HeFei, P.R.C)

  • B.A. English (An Hui University, HeFei, P.R.C)

Research Interests
  • Media translation

  • Discourse analysis

  • Multimodality and translation

  • Cross cultural communication and translation

Selected Research Project / Grants
  • 2019, Hong, Qian, Principal Investigator, “Framing China:National Images Building in the Translation of Government Work Report.” United International College Research Grant.

  • 2017-2019, Hong, Qian, Co-Investigator, “Innovating Translation Curriculum in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative.” Department of Education, Guangdong Province Research Grant.

  • 2017-2018, Hong, Qian, Co-Investigator, “Seed Funding for Key Discipline Project of Guangdong Province.” United International College Research Grant.

  • 2016-2018, Hong, Qian, Co-Investigator, “Innovating Translation Pedagogy: How to Maximize Teaching Effectiveness while Meeting with Students’ Needs and Desire?” United International College Research Grant.

Selected Publications
  • 2002, Hong, Qian. ‘On the Image of Henry V’. Journal of Huzhou Teachers College. Vol 24: 40-41. (ISSN: 1009—1734).

  • 2003, Hong, Qian. ‘The Cultural Connotation of Metaphorical Phrases and the Translating Approaches’. Journal of Gansu Education College (Social Sciences). Vol 02: 88-91. (ISSN: 1009-4938).

  • 2006, Hong, Qian (second author). ‘Concepts of Functions in Translation Studies’, in Wang, D. F. (ed.) Proceedings of International Conference on the Study of Language Functions and Translation, Vol 12: 77-98. (ISBN: 7-306-02805-7)

  • 2007, Hong, Qian. ‘Investigating Unfaithful Translations via the Appraisal Theory—A Case Study of the Translations of Perfume Advertisements’, Journal of Foreign Languages, Vol 4: 48-57 (ISSN: 1004-5139)

  • 2007, Hong, Qian. (second author). ‘Concepts of “Function” in Translation Studies’, Chinese Translators Journal, Vol 3: 10-16. (ISSN: 1000-873X)

  • 2007, Hong, Qian (second author). ‘On M. Baker: Translation and Conflict—A Narrative Account (2006)’, Foreign Language Teaching and Research, Vol 4:317-320. (07/2007). (ISSN: 1000-0429)

  • 2008, Hong, Qian (second author). ‘The Translation Strategies of Classical Works in the Context of Globalization: A Case Study of the Two English Versions of Hong Lou Meng’. Journal of Anhui University (Philosophy & Social Sciences), Vol 3: 92-95. (ISSN: 1001-5019)

  • 2011, Hong, Qian (main contributor). A Dictionary of Translation Studies in China. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. (ISBN: 9787544616225)

  • 2012, Hong, Qian (second author). ‘Concepts of Function in Translation Studies’, in Yang, X. R. (ed.) Dualism, Pluralism, and Synthesis: Essence and Criteria of Translation, Vol 09: 108-124. (ISBN: 978-7-5446-2525-8)

  • 2012, Hong, Qian. ‘Investigating Translators’ Positioning via the Appraisal Theory: A Case Study of the Q&A Part of a Speech Delivered by the U.S. Vice President Cheney’. Sino-US English Teaching. Vol 12: 1775-1787. (ISSN: 1539-8072)

  • 2017, Hong, Qian. ‘Investigating “Unfaithful” Translations via the Appraisal Theory: A Case Study of Public Notices’. Arab World English Journal (International Peer Reviewed Journal). Vol 2: 187-200. ( ISSN: 2550-1542)

 Courses Taught
  • Culture and Translation

  • Translation in Workplace

  • Appreciation, Criticism and Evaluation

  • Communication and Translation

  • Translating Legal and Government Documents

  • Media Translation

  • Research Methods for Translation Studies

  • General Translation I

  • General Translation II

  • Introduction to the Study of Language

  • Principles and Methods of Translation

  • Bilingual Communication and Translation

  • Translation Internship