The International Journalism Programme

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As an academic program, International Journalism is part of the Social Sciences and at United International College offers a unique curriculum emphasizing a strong liberal arts education and mastery of professional skills in journalism and mass communication. Throughout the course, we provide an appreciation for the principles that undergird the media's role in Chinese society.

As China continues to change and grow in stature and influence, tremendous stresses will continue to shape and evolve the social infrastructure. As these growing pains take place, it is vital that professional journalists are trained to balance and meet the information needs of all segments of society. UIC is ready to take its place training tomorrow's leaders in journalism. The undergraduate instruction merges traditional journalism skills and practices with the latest convergent media technology practices. Journalism theory and practice are integrated to prepare students for successful careers in journalism and mass media. The course demands that students master critical thinking and technical skills in both Chinese and English languages, enabling them to assume leadership roles as journalists in modern Chinese society.

 The programme prepares graduates for employment in newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and Internet companies. Positions for which students will be qualified include: news writer, news reporter, news editor, radio news reporter, radio news anchor, TV news reporter, feature writer, TV assignment editor, TV news producer, Internet news reporter, and other related positions.

 The course is uniquely positioned to blend the best of both Chinese and International journalism. The curriculum combines traditional writing and reporting with a China focus and includes International and Internet media skills and practices. The result is that UIC journalism majors are well-trained to take advantage of the latest trends in local, national, and international news media.

Numerous opportunities are provided for students to get involved in campus media-related activities. Guest lectures by top international journalists, special workshops, and other events are scheduled throughout the year. Students can also participate in a variety of student media organizations, creating magazines, student newspapers, online news, and other forms of journalism for the UIC campus.


Our faculty are leaders in their respective fields and are well-recognized for their contributions to teaching, scholarship, and public service. They continue to gain regional, national, and global prominence for their work in journalism and mass media.

 We believe this is one of the most exciting times and places to be involved in journalism and mass communication education. We invite you to join us and be a part of it!