The Public Relations and Advertising Programme

In an era of increasing globalisation, marketing communication plays a crucial role in the exchange of ideas between marketers and consumers, and between corporations and their stakeholders.

A degree in Advertising & Public Relations offers its graduates a set of skills and attributes.

The demand for this programme in mainland China is evidenced by the enrollment number of students since the inception of Public Relations and Advertising was introduced at UIC.

Students will learn the concepts, process management and skills of integrated marketing communications.

The programme will combine UIC's whole-person approach with the best practices in public relations and advertising education to provide a learning experience which is comprehensive, cosmopolitan and forward-looking.


China’s increasing emergence onto the world stage will increase the demand for advertising and public relations professionals. There will be a strong and growing employment market for graduates of the programme which will enable graduates to:

• communicate effectively in both written and oral English;

• work comfortably as individual as well as team members in intercultural and global settings;

• apply knowledge in public relations and advertising in both China and the western world; and

• utilise the skills they gained to achieve a successful career or pursue further studies.

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Many of the past graduates continued graduate studies overseas or in Hong Kong. Several of them gained employment in places where they did their internships. Others began careers in the following areas of work:

• Advertising Agencies

• Public Relations Agencies

• Integrated marketing firms


• Government

• Corporations

• Design firms

• Tourism and travel industries

• Higher education and academia

• Publishing and mass media

• Administration

• Newspapers

• Small business

• International business communications positions