The Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies

The Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies (ICCS) was established in 2006 under the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, BNU-HKBU United International College (UIC). The mission and vision of ICCS are to conduct research in the field of humanities and social sciences in cross-cultural perspective, organize seminars, workshops, and visiting programmes.

To foster research in DHSS: The ICCS seeks to develop a culture of research by conducting sharing events, guest lectures, workshops, conferences and working groups.

To develop communication, networks, and publicity: Communication builds motivation and develops potential collaboration between members, but also can build links between UIC faculty members and outside institutions and organizations. Communication and visibility will be established by establishing a website, a newsletter, and building links with other research institutes.

To promote creativity across cultures: Research begins with creativity. ICCS will host and support creative production in the Arts for both DHSS students and faculty.



International Writers visit UIC

Cross-Cultural Seminar


Students at the Cross-Cultural Seminar

an MIT professor giving a lecture